About Amy

Amy Barnes MBA MA LMHC

For over 15 years I have been  a relationship and divorce counselor and coach.  I support individuals in not just surviving but thriving after divorce.  I believe firmly  in  attempting to make marriages work before filing for divorce, yet I  realize that not all marriages can or should be saved. You may have wanted your divorce or you may find your head spinning as you are in the middle of a divorce you never wanted.  I can support you in getting though this difficult time.

I taught divorce recovery for over six years and have written numerous articles on divorce and relationships.  I am known as a gentle and empathic listener who quickly goes to core issues allowing pain to be transformed into join.

My work:


  • Deep insightful work
  • Quickly goes to core issues
  • Whole body learning, experiential and playful
  • Creates inner transformation
  • 15 plus years as therapist and coach
  • Leadership and Transformation Graduate and Coach of the Hendricks Institute

My Work is Not for Beginners…

  • Her work is for those ready and willing to make a difference in their lives and their relationships personally, professionally and spiritually.
  • Amy is available for individual and couples work workshops, corporate trainings and speaking engagements
  • Amy is a facilitator for Awakening the Dreamer, The Work that Reconnects, and the work of Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks.

My Background….

  • MBA from Bultler University
  • MAMFT from Christian Theological Seminary
  • Certified Gestalt Therapist
  • Training in Parenting coordination and Mediation
  • Certified Relationship and Body Centered Coach from the Hendricks Institute.

To Contact Amy:

  • 317.257-7544
  • amy@lifeoptions.us


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